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Alfred Allan


Raphael's meticulousness, his involvement, his technical nous, his nerve, his affinity with motorcar and road and above all, his Racing Brave Heart - he is the man he thought he was.

Always a racer, never one to give up - a veritable lion at the wheel.
Welcome to Raphael's world.

You too can play a part in Raphael's passion by contributing USD 5000 and above and thus join the race in putting him on the track.

  • Pro Driver for the Toyota Corolla Altis Experience 2014
  • Pro Driver for the TOUR DE DELHI CYCLOTHON 2010
  • Took part in Team Gemini Racing Test Drive.
    (Selected as 1st Test Driver for 2007)
  • Took part in Michelin Pilot Experience 2006 (Malaysia).
Raphael Allan's story - From the early years to Formula Racing A look at Raphael Allan taking time out of from the high octane world of Formula Racing





Raphael Allan Luther

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