The coming events cast their shadows before hand holds more than true in Raphael's case. Allan and Coreen Luther's middle son.

Raphael was barely 4 years when he fell in love with his gift - a peddle Car and that was the beginning of his burning passion for race cars. Later on, he refused to go to the college or step into his father's Advertising Agency.

Instead, his parents had no option but to send him to Ontario, Canada where his favourite Jacques Villeneuve too had his training.

There he proved his mettle by being second twice and third thrice in F-2000 Car races.

The principal of Bridgestone was highly impressed by the young Raphael when he out raced several senior racers. He was branded as the man with the staring eyes. While there he did 13 F-2000 races. He was also awarded the Mechanic-of-the month title.

On return, he was second runner's up in the Formula Fissmi National Championships that was held year at Chennai-India. In one of the races he spun & hit the barrer at around 90km an hour.

Thereafter, he could only participate in one race of Formula Asia 2001 at Sepang, Malaysia, owing to lack of sponsors. Only JK Tyres came forward to co-sponsor him along with his father. In the first race a Chinese fellow racer spun & hit him on lap 2 so he had to retire (at that time he was running 9th in the race), but finished the 2nd race as 13 out of 26 finishers. 

Raphael was so meticulous about his passion for races that he went to London, only to pick up his race suit .

With Raphael it has been a dream that has endured for several years now. He lives with his museum of cars and books. His mastery of computer race games captures his passion as he spends hours together, competing against death-defying professionals.

Racing is what he can do best. Nursing a consuming passion to become a Formula One Race and with that unshakable desire to burn rubber on the world's most celebrated racing tracks. He has a firm belief that defies mortal words to make it happen one day if God permits him a chance.

Raphael is a never-say-die battler, ready for wringing every last ounce out of race eventualities. He is a cue to must-go-further-fare better feeling.

Such love-such tenacity is often the harbinger of greater things, but in this 'break-neck world" it takes a lot more than just a driving ambition. So he is seeking sponsors to participate in Formula 3 series - Full or Half.

You too can play a part in Raphael's passion by contributing USD 5000 and above and thus join the race in putting him on the track.

They say, determination is the resource success is made. And he has it in plenty to be The Race Driver - perhaps second to none !

My Vision
To realise the ultimate F1, I have to first perform in other International Formula Championships.

So, currently, I am seeking Sponsors for-

-  F-3
-  GP2 Series

My Aim
I firmly believe that With God all things are possible and that there is nothing too hard with Him.

For faith is the resource successes are made of. 
Thus, enabled by God, the day is not far off when I shall prove to the F1's cumulative audience of eight times the world's population that -
With Raphael F1 Racing will never be the same, for I race the race to obtain - making My India proud.

My One Dream
"Its impossible", says Reason
"Its reckless", says Experience
"It's painful", says Pride
"Try", says Dream
"It's possible", says Faith.

The challenge…..never give up in bringing your dream to reality.

Resides : New Delhi, India

Height : 5' 9"

Weight : 73kg







Raphael Allan Luther

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